Marquez Knocks Out Pacquiao

It’s all over! Juan Miguel Marquez prevailed over Manny Pacquiao when he knocked out the Filipino pride with a sixth-round hard-hitting punch, causing the latter to fall face-first on the canvas.

Am I happy that Marquez won over Pacquiao? Of course not. I’m a proud Filipino through and through and would really want fellow Filipinos to win each and every competition. And I seriously doubt there’s one Filipino who would support Marquez over Pacquiao. JuanMa has my respects but I’m Team Pacquiao all the way!

However, I’m a realist and a good sport too. Marquez won that fight fair and square so you’re not going to hear me complain about it.¬†While I’m not happy with the result, it’s something that I can wholeheartedly accept.

Rather than happy, I actually relieved because quite frankly I have grown tired of the Pacquiao-Marquez face-of. I’ve had enough of them so I’m glad this 4th outing came out with a result so decisive nobody would feel cheated.

Ahhhh, finally, it’s over. Or is it?

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  1. yashirokuru says:

    Well hopefully it's the last of Pacquiao and Marquez and perhaps this is the last of Pacquiao's fights. He should have retired during his glorious days. At least he would be remembered that way rather than his face flat knock out.

  2. harrybrown says:

    After a hard training and a great self discipline, Marquez finally knocked out Pacquaio. It is the same as the upcoming fight between mayweather vs guerrero on May 2013.

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